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If you have video clients right now you know what it’s like you have to edit videos, you have to create different versions in different layouts, render, wait, export, and upload…and, all of this takes way more time than you should actually be spending…

Even if you are creating videos for yourself, it is absolutely essential to be present on multiple platforms at the same time to reinforce your message and be visible to your prospects wherever they go…

Unfortunately… in this size doesn’t fit all!

Different social media platforms use different layouts..

Square videos 1:1 are popular on Instagram while YouTube Videos are 16:9.. Every platform demands a different layout making it all the more difficult for Video creators to redo the same video for multiple social media platforms.

With Instawrapper Pro all you need to do is 1 Click to convert any Video into a different layout without doing everything from scratch...

4:5 on 1:1

4:5 on 16:9

4:5 on 1:1

9:16 on 1:1

9:16 on 16:9

9:16 on 16:9

1:1 on 1:1

1:1 on 16:9

16:9 on 16:9

Boom! Now your videos are ready to go on any social media platform!

With Instawrapper PRO you can do this
in just a single click..

Upload any video
Customize the captions, emojis, colors, and everything you need.
Convert it instantly into multiple layouts with 1-click
Directly post on your favorite social Network!

How much effort & time that can save you?

Most importantly you can sell multiple videos in multiple formats just by customizing a single video…

YES! Customizing one Video in multiple formats gives you the scope to increase your order value with each client and help you make more profits for lesser work..

Now just that makes it upgrade worthy and we could easily charge a monthly fee!

But right now as a launch-special you can get this without having to pay any recurring fee for a ONE-TIME ONLY PRICE and you also unlock additional features when you get InstaWrapper Professional today!

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Get Access to Instawrapper Professional before the special one-time price is gone!

More Professional features that you will
unlock today!

Create & save your own Template

You aren’t just limited to the templates we provide.. You can create, customize, and save your own templates, so they can be at your fingertips ready to deploy in seconds and easily reuse for any project!

Download Captions & use in Website/Blog

You can directly download the captions provided, then use them for your website, blog, or anything else. This allows you to take your video content, and repurpose it on your site, social media post, Medium articles, or to use in emails to your list.

Clone Campaigns

You can clone, edit, tweak campaigns, so if you are using the same theme - this makes it easy to use, and deploy saving you time and getting your content to your audience faster than ever!

Additional 100 Pro

Our in-house professional design team has hand crafted 100 Pro Templates that you can use for either your own videos, or clients videos, so you know that you can easily create beautiful captivating, profit pulling videos from any video in just minutes.

Custom Font Uploads

Like any font ? Get in touch with us and we’ll get it added inside InstaWrapper! You can add up to 50 custom fonts

Add VA’s or collaborate with your Team members (10)

You can add your designers or virtual assistants as well, so that you can have them handle projects for you or even oversee your design team. You can add up to 10 team members, so everyone can be on the same page taking care of your designs or your new clients! You can even assign specific projects to certain Team members and make it easier for you..

Monitor Status of Projects

This is a dashboard that allows you to create, organize, review and manage projects all in one spot. You can give access to your VA. This way you know what's going on in one space, so you don't have to check multiple dashboards.

200-high converting Wrapper Text used in Videos with millions of Views

Think of this as a vault of “swipe file” for your video marketing. You can copy the same types of copy, wrapper elements, and calls to action that are used to generate millions of views in millions of dollars. We’ve done over 100+ hours of research to find these, so you can use them right away.

Priority Rendering

Every video goes into a ‘render’ queue much like the line in the airport. Here we give your videos ‘priority boarding’ so they are rendered first, so you get your videos done as quickly, and as efficiently as possible.

Directly Share your Video onto your favorite Social Media Platform

Why wait to share your videos and start getting Traffic & Engagement when you can post it directly on YouTube and Facebook from inside InstaWrapper’s dashboard? Let the sales roll in as soon as you create the videos!

Launch Special Included Commercial License for Pro ONLY if you Act Now


Get Access to Instawrapper Professional before the special one-time price is gone!


This upgrade helps you maximize your profits using InstaWrapper…

You can convert a single video into multiple layouts without having to edit and customize for different dimensions…

You can wow your clients by quickly creating videos that can go on multiple platforms! They will never know your little “InstaWrapper Secret” that lets you create videos in multiple formats using a few simple clicks!

Remember you’re going to charge them for every single layout!

But when you get in today you are not going to be charged for each video you create in a different layout!

Not just that… you also get access to so many other Pro features like ability to add your team to manage your projects, direct share on social media, ability to save your own template and so much more!

You pay only once and you get to keep all these Professional features and the ability to create videos in multiple formats in just a few clicks!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS for Instawrapper Professional Members
Get Professional License Access to ONE MORE MASSIVE TOOL!

Only when you pick Instawrapper Pro now, you will unlock access to an Amazing software called ConvoBots! (You get the Professional license of 2 softwares instead of 1)

With ConvoBots you can get more leads & conversions with the SAME TRAFFIC using PROGRESSIVE DISCLOSURE TECHNOLOGY!

You can literally 5X your lead generation with pattern interrupting chat bots that will instantly grab attention, engage your visitors in meaningful conversations & collects leads for you on Autopilot!

When you pick Instawrapper Pro today, you not only get access to ConvoBots. You get access to ConvoBots Pro Agency which gives you access to,

1. Premium Profit Boosting Features
2. Additional Premium Templates
3. Agency Access to manage upto 100 clients

So basically you’re getting 2 massive softwares for a meagre one-time price!

30 Days Fail-Proof
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to make sure that Instawrapper Pro is going to be a super profitable investment for you or else we won’t take your money.

You are getting full 30 days to “test drive” Instawrapper Pro & if you are not “overwhelmed” with the results after using Instawrapper Pro, we will give you “immediate” refund. Yes, even if you ask for it on the 30th day.

We are about to “overwhelm” you with the results & being just “happy” will not satisfy us either.

If, anyhow, you feel the software is not worth hundreds of dollars to you… or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars… then you have 30 days to drop us a support ticket & get an immediate refund.

Our sole aim is to help you sell your services & make it an "easy going" task for YOU & you will see that inside the members area.

Now go ahead & click on the button below to get started profiting from your own Coverr Studio.

Claim your InstaWrapper Professional life-time membership for a low one-time price

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  • Convert your video in multiple layouts in 1 click

  • Create your own Template

  • Clone Campaigns

  • Collaborate with upto 10 Team Members / VA

  • Assign specific projects to Team members

  • Monitor Status of all Projects

  • Priority Rendering

  • Directly Share on Social Media

  • Unlimited custom font uploads

  • Upload own trascription file

  • Download caption to use in Website / blog

  • 200 high-converting Wrapper text / Captions from Videos with million of Views

  • Bonus: Access to ConvoBots Pro License

Normal Price - $147/Month

Launch Special - One Time Price

Insta Wrapper Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this One Time Fee the Only Fee?

A. Yes, if you buy it right now you only pay a one-time fee during this launch period. We will start selling this at a recurring price in the future.

Q. How does the collaborate feature work?

A. You can add virtual assistants to your created projects. So that you can have them handle projects for you.

Q. How would I upload a custom font?

A. Please reach out to our support desk with the fonts you prefer. Our dedicated technical team will help you to add it.